Local Ashford based Equity Release Mortgage brokers.

We are your local Ashford Equity Release Specialists.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from helping clients achieve their lifestyle objectives by unlocking the wealth they have in their property. Speak to your local Ashford based Equity Release Mortgage brokers.

Local Ashford based Equity Release Mortgage brokers.

Equity Release Ashford can help release some of your property value to provide a cash lump sum, for all manor of reasons, to help you enjoy the life you want to live. The property remains yours and if you wish you can still leave some inheritance to whoever you wish. 

As your local Ashford based Equity Release Mortgage brokers, we aim to provide a clear understanding of the various Equity Release schemes, and how they would relate to your individual circumstances.

We are helping many people unlock some of the cash in their home for a number of reasons in order to help improve their lives. Whether it is improving the home or the garden or paying off the outstanding mortgage we are here to help.

We advise on equity release or more specifically lifetime mortgages which will allow you to release some of the equity in your home. You can use the money how ever you wish.


Subject to eligibility, you can release equity for almost any reason. Speak to Lee Harper about how the schemes work and how much you can release. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to release equity. 


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of a lifetime

treating friends 
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Repaying an
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that nice new car you promised yourself

why you should use lee harper and finance planning of ashford

Subject to eligibility, you can release equity for almost any reason. Speak to Lee Harper about how the schemes work and how much you can release. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to release equity. 


We provide Equity Release advice on a “whole of market” basis


We are Directly Authorised by the FCA giving you peace of mind


Our Specialists are fully qualified in Equity Release mortgages

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We offer a no obligation service with a free initial consultation

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Alternatively, you can call Lee on 01233 611804 or email lee.harper@financeplanning.co.uk

Do you qualify?

Whilst we arrange mortgages for all ages, specifically for equity release a rule of thumb is that you fit three very simple criteria

Local Ashford based Equity Release Mortgage brokers.

Be Over 55 years old

Equity Release Ashford

own a property in the uk

Local Ashford based Equity Release Mortgage brokers.

standard construction

What is Equity Release?

There are two types, Home Reversion and Lifetime Mortgages.

A Lifetime Mortgage is a way of releasing monies from your property while still retaining full ownership of it. A lender will place a charge over the property (similar to a conventional mortgage) but there is no requirement for you to make any repayments to the lender during the term. The Lifetime Mortgage is designed to continue for the remainder of your life or until you go in to long term care. Throughout the term of the Lifetime Mortgage you will still own your home.

Home Reversion schemes allow you to release equity by way of you selling part, or all, of your home. Whilst you can continue to live in the property it is no longer fully owned but essentially a proportion is leased, albeit rent free.

We only advise on Lifetime Mortgages.

How much can you release from the property?

This can depend on a number of factors mainly the property value, your age and your health. The older you are the more you will be able to borrow. We will be happy to work this out for you.

How do Lifetime Mortgages work?

A Lifetime Mortgage is a loan secured against your property and it is only repaid when the property is sold either when you, or both you and your partner, have passed away, or have moved into long term care.

Very often the Lifetime Mortgage will have a fixed interest rate and when you release equity from the property then interest will start accruing on the full amount from the first day you borrow the monies. If you don’t need all the funds in one go then there is an option to release further funds at a later date, this is called a drawdown facility. This way you will only start paying interest when you drawdown the funds.

some features of a lifetime mortgage

– You will still own your home

– The interest typically accrues, then rolls up and is added to the loan. This is called compound interest.

– You do not need to make any payments to the lender, as the lifetime mortgage amount plus the compound interest, is fully repaid when the Lifetime Mortgage comes to an end. This is usually when the property is sold either on death or moving into long term care.

– With most Lifetime Mortgages you can still make lump sum repayments towards the mortgage to reduce the outstanding balance without penalty (subject to a maximum percentage per year).

– Inheritance Protection is available on some Lifetime Mortgages. This enables you to protect a certain percentage of the property in order that your beneficiaries will inherit a portion of the property value regardless of how long the lifetime mortgage continues for.

– Your estate will benefit from any house price increases that are over and above the outstanding amount you owe to the Lifetime Mortgage provider.

– You can still move your Lifetime Mortgage to another suitable property.

Equity Release Council

We arrange Lifetime Mortgages which have been approved by the Equity Release Council who set down certain standards for lenders to adhere to, these include:

– The right to stay in your home for the rest of your life, or until moving into long term care.

– A ‘No Negative Equity Guarantee’. This means that you will never owe more to the lender than the value of your property at any time.

– The right to move home to another suitable property. Subject to certain criteria being met by the lender.

We are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority which means we have to follow strict guidelines to ensure you are getting the best advice.

Happy customers are a sign of a someone you can trust



For insurance business we arrange policies from a panel of insurance companies.

Finance Planning Group is a trading name of The Finance Planning Group Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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